What is Digital Identity?

“A digital identity is an online or networked identity adopted or claimed in cyberspace by an individual, organisation or electronic device. These users may also project more than one digital identity through multiple communities. In terms of digital identity management, key areas of concern are security and privacy.” (“Digital Identity,” 2016, para. 1).Authentication

I have a Facebook account where I upload my own photos, make posts about what events I have been to and let my Facebook friends know what I am doing. I have information on my profile about my date of birth and what area I live in, and that profile is my digital identity online.

The photo “Fix your passwords. Help protect your data” (TEXVET, 2016)

Managing your digital identity:

What is Digital Security?

security“Digital security is the protection of your digital identity – the network or Internet equivalent of your physical identity. Digital security includes the tools you use to secure your identity, assets and technology in the online and mobile world.” (“What is digital security,” 2016, para. 1).

The photo “The scary truth about data security with wearables” (TechRepublic, 2016)

My Facebook profile is on “friends only” and that means only my Facebook friends can see my posts and not anyone I do no know. My profile is very secure and safe so no stranger can post anything on my “timeline” and they cannot see my posts or access my identity information (date of birth etc.). I am also really careful about who I accept as a Facebook friend as I only add people who I know and delete the people I do not know. 

Problems Online

Digital Footprint

“On the Internet a digital footprint is the word used to describe the trail, traces or “footprints” that people leave online. This is information transmitted online, such as forum registration, e-mails and attachments, uploading videos or digital images and any other form of transmission of information — all of which leaves traces of personal information about yourself available to others online.”(“digital footprint,” 2016, para. 1)

digital-footprint-posterThe photo “Digital footprint resources” (Queensland Government, 2016)

This eye catching poster that the Department of Education and Training (Queensland Government) designed is for secondary school students to educate them about the importance of positive online behaviours and how they can protect their digital footprint (“Digital footprint resources,” 2016, para 3).

Digital Tattoo

tattoo_bannerThe photo “The Digital Tattoo: Think Before You Ink” (#aussieED, 2015)

“A tattoo is permanent, much like the information we post online. The photos we share, the comments we write, the videos we ‘like’. Even if we delete them, they may still be out there – saved and shared by others, or even kept by the site or app itself.” (“What is a digital tattoo?,” 2016, para. 1).

Click on this website to find out how cyber security is crucial to have for Australia:  Here’s how important cyber security is to Australia

Being Safe Online


When I am on the Internet, I need to be very cautious about what I say and publish online because anyone could see it, including friends and colleagues. I should not post anything that will affect my job because my manager can check my Facebook and I should not post anything I would not like the whole world to see. On Facebook, I manage my privacy settings so that only my Facebook friends can see my posts and not anyone I do not know.

 The photo “How To Stay Safe in Guangzhou” (Pinterest, 2016)

How I can stay safe online:

  • Do not post any personal information online (address, email address or mobile number)
  • Think carefully before posting pictures or videos of myself. Once I’ve put a 3021307-inline-fb-thumbsup-printpackagingpicture of myself online most people can see it and may be able to download it
  • Keep my privacy settings high
  • Never give out my passwords
  • Do not add people I don’t know
  • Think carefully about what I say before posting something online

(‘staying safe online,” 2016, para. 1)

The photo “Entrepreneurship is a journey – we help you get there with action-oriented programs” (UP Bergen, 2016)


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